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Online Research

On the basis of the survey monitor organization comprised of 10,071,000 people

With this survey method, the subjects of the survey themselves visit the survey page online and answer the questions. As you can collect a large amount of questionnaire data in a short time, it’s suitable for the speedy resolution of issues.

Point 1

You can quickly collect opinions from the target you have freely picked.

Point 2

You can solve problems/make decisions rapidly based on highly reliable data.

Characteristics of online research

One of the largest-scale online survey monitors in the industry

Thanks to "Mighty Monitor" which comprises of 10,071,000 survey monitors, the largest scale in the whole marketing research industry, it is possible to conduct a survey in areas where it’s difficult to get hold of samples or under conditions where the appearance ratio is low.

Mighty Monitor
10,071,000survey monitors

Multiple Device Monitoring

Point 1


The largest-scale monitor field in the whole marketing research industry

Point 2


High quality data & market-reflectiveness

Point 3


A broad range of purpose-built services

Effective targeting using sub-panels

Attributes related to a variety of themes are offered as a sub-panel. Enables you to conduct an effective survey with the target of your picking.

Example of sub-panel

Unique survey screen which is compatible with all kinds of devices

INTAGE online research uses INTAGE’s unique survey screen "i-tile" which makes it easy to respond regardless of whether on PC or smartphone. As the option itself is a button, this makes it easy for the respondent and enables you to collect accurate data.

Quality related program

For the purpose of providing highly reliable data, we implement "Survey monitor quality control," "Quality control of the survey being implemented," and "System quality control."

Aggregation tool (Lyche-Epoch) which is more intuitive and easy to understand

We strongly support the streamlining of customer analysis/report making operations with a wealth of functions including the output of Excel charts and PowerPoint presentations, correspondence analysis, and output in the SPSS file format.

Flow of online research

Standard schedule


Survey planning/design

Based on the research subject and an analysis image, we determine the best method of research and subjects/research items.


Preparation of survey sheet/actual survey

We prepare the survey sheet in such a way that it doesn’t give a different impression to different respondents.


Tabulation/data checking

In accordance with how the customer utilizes the data, we provide INTAGE’s own data tabulation system.



We can make/deliver either a simple report or a detailed analysis report by an analyst in accordance with your wishes.

Service lineup

Standard service

A flexible and customized service including the design according to detailed requirements and a detailed survey screen. Taking advantage of online technologies, we create a survey screen using the most appropriate logic.

Hosting service

A service which lets you use our company’s online survey system when you conduct a questionnaire survey using your own customer list or targeting people who have visited your website/sales store.
Compared with a conventional paper questionnaire, it's superior in terms of speed, price, and data accuracy.

Optional service

By understanding the awareness of the survey monitor using three methods, shed light on the "profile of the consumer" which lays behind their purchasing behavior.

Introduction to the handy online research package

Most appropriate when you want to conduct a simple consumer research study online for the purpose of implementing marketing measures for a product or brand respectively. Can be customized in accordance with your request.
Together with the panel analysis, can be used when you want to make overall decisions after understanding the assessment and awareness of the consumers at each marketing step.

  • Category user survey
  • Idea screening survey
  • Concept evaluation survey
  • Package survey
  • Concept & product survey
  • New product penetration survey
  • New product purchaser survey
  • Market/brand review survey
  • Brand power diagnosis survey
  • Discontinued person survey
  • Price survey
  • Private brand promotion/campaign survey
  • Advertisement effectiveness measurement survey (TV commercial version)
  • Purchase process and information exposure survey
  • Renewal product penetration survey

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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