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Aggregation Tool | Customized Aggregated Delivery(Lyche-Epoch®)

A next-generation Lyche®-Pro data processing tool. Thanks to a completely new user interface, it is now much more intuitive. With such enhanced integrations as Excel charts, PowerPoint report outputs, correspondence analysis, and output in SPSS file format, it helps our clients streamline their analysis and report preparation work.

For the following occasions

I’d like to search and look at the data

Data processing function

Thanks to the intuitive screen layout, it can even be operated by those who are using it for the first time.

I’d like the freedom to process the data by myself

Processing function

Frequently used data processing functions are turned into a tool. You can set it up easily via the setup screen which is appropriately designed for each tool.

I’d like to prepare reports quickly

Function to output Excel graphs and PPT reports

With Excel output, you can output tables and editable graphs at the same time. With PPT output, it creates a report-like file. The tool automatically outputs simple comments.

I’d like to have a simple operation to take a look at the analysis results

Analysis function

Correspondence analysis, BSA analysis, and PSM analysis are all installed. By just selecting the item you want to analyze and pressing the “Analyze” button like data processing setup, the tool outputs the results of the analysis in Excel format.

In addition to those mentioned above, it also has external data matching and a coding function. By all means, please take advantage of them.

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