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INTAGE’s own investigation screen [i-Tile] *patented

INTAGE’s online research uses INTAGE’s unique, easy-to-answer survey screen “i-Tile” for both computer and smartphone. As the complete option itself is the button, it reduces the burden on respondents, making it possible to collect accurate data.
We developed i-Tile in an effort to cope with the age of the smartphone. Its stress-free answering process means that we can collect exactly the same, highly accurate data from all devices including PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Image of survey screen

Characteristics (1)

Smooth answering process where all you have to do is to touch the large option tile

Characteristics (2)

Since the selected option is highlighted, they can confirm their selection when they answer; as a result, selection mistakes are less likely to happen

Characteristics (3)

The risk of a “wrongly aligned row” in a conventional matrix can also be prevented

Basic screen

Basically, we solicit the answer using the following questioning pattern.

  • SA (single answer): Radio button
  • SA (single answer): Pull down
  • SA (single answer): Scale
  • MA (multiple answers): Check box
  • SA matrix
  • MA matrix
  • Input numeric value
  • Input numeric value (percentage)
  • Present image
  • Present image (in the matrix)
  • Open-ended answer (word)
  • Open-ended answer (sentence)
  • Attribute of respondent (face item)

Screen control function

Using dynamic screen control, only made possible by online research, we collect highly accurate data without any bias or contradiction.
Please take a look at some control examples.

Narrowing down the options

With layered questions, only the options selected by the first answer is displayed when the next question is asked; i.e. “Things I am interested in (MA)” ( “The thing I am most interested in (SA)”

Branching out the question

The survey proceeds in such a manner that only those questions that need to be answered are displayed depending on how the respondent has answered the preceding question.

Checking contradictory answers

When a contradictory answer which is not appropriate to be part of the overall tally is given, an error message is displayed to prompt for a change of answer.

Changing the order of the options

It’s possible to reverse the order of the options or display them in a random manner to avoid specific options biasing the answers; i.e. when there are many options, those options that are listed at the bottom are less likely to be selected.

Automatic calculation of numeric values

With respect to a question where the respondent is asked to input numeric values in such a manner that they total 100, the system automatically displays the total of the numeric values inputted to make it easier for the respondent.

Displaying/quoting of the answer

The option selected or the answer given in the preceding question will be displayed on the following page and after. This is helpful for the respondents as they can check what has been answered or you can use this to change the wording of the questions.

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