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We are highly effective in supporting our customers’ marketing activities by providing a variety of solutions to deal with the range of challenges in the marketing process and supporting our customers’ PDCA cycle at all phases from formulation of a strategy to the verification of its effectiveness.

  1. Understand
  2. Develop
  3. Deliver
  4. Measure
  1. Understand

    We support the formulation of a marketing strategy with our research data which lets you understand the current status of the market and the consumers

    • Identification of Market Opportunities

      We support the identification of market opportunities and target setting by carrying out market analysis from a 3C point of view and/or STP analysis on the basis of such data, for example, one of the largest-scale sets of panel data in Japan that lets us understand the market and the movement of users from a bird’s eye view.

      An example of a solution
      • i-FaCT Report
      • SCI Target Segment
  2. Develop

    By capturing insights from the behavior and awareness of the target, we support the process of "developing" the product, service and/or measures that will be accepted by the target

    • Concept Formulation

      We support the development of a concept at various phases ranging from the identification of "fact-based target insights" utilizing a wide variety of consumer data and research methods through to actual concept development through our workshop programs and evaluating draft concepts.

      An example of a solution
      • De-sign Research
      • Min-repo Future Congress
    • Product & Service Development

      We support the formulation of strategies for products & services that can be accepted by the target based on various different research methods according to the specific purpose, research on the target segment, and panel data based analysis of prices and sales performance.

      An example of a solution
      • i-Mesh
      • INTAGE New Product Demand Forecast Solution
    • Advertisements & Media Planning

      We identify opportunities for advertisement & promotion by following the behavior of the target based on single source panel which captures the media exposure and purchase behavior of individuals as a log. In addition, we support advertisement & media planning with a variety of research methods including facial expression analysis which captures non-verbal responses to advertisement materials.

      An example of a solution
      • Target Media Profiling (TMP) Report
      • Advertisement Creative Evaluation: Ad Compass
    • Sales & Distribution Planning

      We support the development of sales & distribution strategies with a variety of research methods including purchase log data which captures daily shopping behavior, a database which included the assessment of approximately 600 chain stores nationwide, and research to capture the shopper’s behavior in detail.

      An example of a solution
      • Shoppers’ FactBook
      • INTAGE Cognitive Interview Shopper Experience
  3. Deliver

    We support the implementation of measures by "delivering" advertisement and promotion information extensively in accordance with the target’s needs

    • Promotion Implementation

      We support the implementation of promotions based on a large scale promotion base which enables us to reach the extensive targets, a framework which distributes the advertisement to the target effectively, and a framework which enables us to carry out "One-to-One" marketing on the basis of consumers’ needs & values.

      An example of a solution
      • di-PiNK
      • Genometrics Connect
  4. Measure

    We support the review of strategies by "measuring" the effectiveness of the marketing measures after they were put in place and visualizing any issues

    • Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

      We are supporting our customers in checking the effectiveness and identifying any action-requiring issues related to our panel data which continually captures the current status of "over-the-counter sales", "implementation of measures", "purchase records", and "exposure to advertisements", a wide range of research methods, and data science technology which visualizes the effectiveness of the measures on the basis of this data.

      An example of a solution
      • INTAGE Price Analysis Solution
      • i-SSP Version APRiCOT®(Multi Touch Attribution / MTA)
    • Brand Diagnosis / Customer Satisfaction Measurement

      We are supporting the development of a strong brand by identifying any challenges the brand from a short-term perspective as well as a medium-to long term perspective, taking advantage of our panel data which can continuously capture any trends related to the brand and/or the market environment, large-scale customer satisfaction survey data, and a variety of different research methods.

      An example of a solution
      • JCSI (Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index)
      • Brand Associative Structure Analysis

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