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Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

Challenges to be dealt with in "Marketing Effectiveness Measurement"

Challenge 1

We would like to identify any issues concerning our new product at an early stage so that we can improve our measures

Challenge 2

We would like to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement so that we can have more effective media planning

Challenge 3

We would like to measure the effectiveness of the in-store promotion so that we can have more effective sales promotion planning

After release of the product and the implementation of market measures, it is important for you to engage in the "Check" and "Action" part of the PDCA cycle in that you should measure the performance and effect of the measures at an early stage to identify any problems and consider improvements.

INTAGE supports this cycle from checking the effect to identifying the challenges for which we need to take action using our panel data which is continually capturing the real situation of "in-store sales", "implementation of measures", "purchase records" and "media exposure", a variety of research methods, and our data science technology which enables us to visualize the effectiveness of measures based on the data.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Marketing Effectiveness Measurement"

1A variety of Panel Data Enabling Us to Identify Challenges at an Early Stage

INTAGE keeps a variety of panel databases ranging from the sales data of approximately 4,000 retail stores nationwide (SRI) to the status of in-store promotion implementations or SPI (Nationwide In-store Promotion Survey), purchase logs of consumers (SCI), and media exposure logs (i-SSP).
By following this data, it’s possible for us to identify, at an early stage, any performance-related challenges such as sales and the acquisition of targets as well as challenges related to the implementation of measures such as advertisement penetration and the effectiveness of in-store promotions.

2Data Science Technology Which Visualizes the Effect of Measures and Contributes to ROI Improvement

By modeling the relationship between sales and measures based on data science technology, and knowledge of the market using sales data held by INTAGE and a variety of other data related to marketing measures such as in-store promotions and advertisement, we can visualize the effectiveness of various measures in order to consider a more effective way to allocate the measures.

3A variety of research methods according to the specific purpose

We offer a range of methods depending on the characteristics of the merchandise from a research method where we ask consumer panel survey respondents if they correctly remember the product without making a mistake to Smartphone based research to capture any change of sentiment every time the consumer is exposed to information at various contact points such as the Internet and traffic advertisements.

"Marketing Effectiveness Measurement"
is supported by a range of solutions

For Evaluation of Product/Service Strategy

For Evaluation of Advertisement & Media Planning

For Evaluation of Distribution Strategy

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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