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INTAGE In-Store Promotion
Analysis Solution

For effective in-store sales promotion

For Addressing the Following Issues

Selecting promotional measures

In order to raise sales, which promotional measures should be implemented and to what extent?

Ascertain the contribution of each sales promotion measure.

The contribution of sales promotions to sales is broken down, so that you can identify the measures that have contributed to sales growth.

Understanding the “strength” of your product

How “strong” is your product? Is it growing stronger or weaker?

Learn how “strong” your product is.

The sales volume that is not reliant on sales promotions can also be determined, allowing you to assess the basic “strength” of your product.

Effectiveness of sales promotion measures

How effective are discounts, mass displays, and flyers?

See the effect of each measure.

Using INTAGE’s proprietary data(SRI+®and SPI), you can ascertain the effectiveness of mass displays, flyers, and pricing.

What the Output Looks Like

Sales are broken down into base sales and sales growth due to each type of sales promotion, allowing you to see changes in sales over time and the factors contributing to these changes.


The contribution of the base and each sales promotion measure to sales can be ascertained, and changes in comparison to the previous period can also be evaluated.


Sales status by sales promotion and pricing point allows for the implementation of highly effective promotion-price combinations.



This refers to the volume of sales that would be expected if each store sold the product at the store's “regular price” (i.e., the highest price in the period). In other words, it is the volume that would be sold if none of the sales promotions were conducted. In this analysis, we use a model for calculating the volume that would have been sold if there were no sales promotions, even in stores where sales promotions are conducted.

For this purpose, we suggest that customers use our marketing mix model, APRiCOT®. This service can be used to optimize the total marketing mix, including not only in-store sales promotions but also advertising.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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