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INTAGE Price Analysis Solution

Price strategy-based brand diagnostics

For Addressing the Following Issues

Understanding the relationship between price and sales

How do price changes affect sales?

Own price elasticity analysis

By clarifying the relationship between your product’s price and sales volume, you can ascertain the effect of discounting.

Understanding the competitive relationships

How is your product doing in relation to the competition? Is your brand stronger or weaker than other offers?

Cross elasticity analysis
Price range cross analysis

Understand the relationship between sales price and market share for your product and your competitors’products.

Simulation of price changes

How will price changes affect the sales share of your product and the competitors’products?

Price simulation

Simulation of sales of a certain number of products when the price of each product is changed

What the Output Looks Like

Own elasticity analysis for understanding the relationship between price and sales

Output image of INTAGE Price Analysis Solution1

Price range cross analysis for ascertaining the sales share of your products and competitors' products in each price range

Output image of INTAGE Price Analysis Solution2

Price Simulator for ascertaining the sales and share of each product when their prices change

Output image of INTAGE Price Analysis Solution3


Weekly data is the standard, but with the exception of some analysis options, daily data can also be used for analysis. With daily data, however, non-weighted tabulation is used.

In such cases, analysis can be performed using custom research. We can address a wide range of scenarios, including price changes of existing products and pricing of new products, while taking into account the impact of competitors.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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