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Brand Diagnosis / Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Challenges in "Brand Diagnosis & Customer Satisfaction Measurement"

Challenge 1

We would like to check that our brand value has not been damaged as a result of short-term marketing measures

Challenge 2

We would like to identify the challenges and the strengths of the brand to determine the best way to strengthen the brand

Challenge 3

We would like to measure the level of customer satisfaction and any identify issues to be addressed to improve the level of satisfaction

As the market environment keeps changing year after year, in order to continually maintain/develop the brand, we need to have it checked from time to time to identify any challenges and deal with them.

In terms of nurturing over a long period of time, it is also necessary to clarify the asset (brand equity) that the brand has and to protect its core value or values that should be strengthened as well as the elements that enhance our connection with customers.

INTAGE supports efforts to build a strong brand by identifying the challenges for the brand from both a short-term and medium-to long-term perspective on the basis of panel data which enables us to continuously capture any changes in both the brand and the market environment, a large-scale customer satisfaction survey database, and a variety of research methods.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Brand Diagnosis/Customer Satisfaction Measurement"

1A variety of panel data which enables us to capture the challenges of the brand from a bird’s eye view

INTAGE has sales data of approximately 6,000 retail stores nationwide (SRI+) and purchase logs of approximately 52,000 consumers all over Japan.
Based on this data, by identifying those challenges that can be identified in the sales structure, i.e. the current market environment, the position of the brand, over-the-counter prices, shipping and distribution, and the number of items being handled as well as those identified in the user structure such as movement of the target between your company and your competitors, we assist you with carrying out a diagnosis of the current situation and consideration of the next strategy.

2A variety of research methods to identify the key to strengthening the brand

By breaking down the brand asset using methods such as revealing the unique value of the brand in the words of the consumers as well as the method of revealing the user experience which led to the bond being created between the brand and its fan, we allow you to examine in which direction you should be heading to strengthen your brand.

3One of the Largest Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Japan

The JCSI (Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index) conducted by INTAGE every year is one of the largest customer satisfaction surveys in Japan (total number of subjects in this survey: 120,000) and was developed through industry-government-academia collaboration after repeating a number of demonstration research studies and measures regarding the level of customer satisfaction in the Japanese service industry (31 industries; 378 companies) using common indexes (measuring stick)

"Brand Diagnosis / Customer Satisfaction Measurement"
is supported by a range of solutions

For Brand Diagnosis

For Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

For Consideration of Medium-to Long-Term Brand Development Policy

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