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INTAGE Cognitive Interviews:
Brand Experience


Through fans’ stories of their own brand journey, we identify the experiences that contributed to the development of a bond with the brand, and draw up a scenario for fostering that bond.

For Addressing the Following Issues

You want to increase your “fan” base.

What journey did “fans” take? What led them to become fans?

Use the stories of brand fans to develop a scenario for cultivating bonds with users.

Identifying experiences that led people to become “fans” and clarifying the perceived value of those experiences allows you to formulate appropriate strategies.

You want to learn from your competitors about fostering “fans” and apply it to your own strategies.

What journey did “fans” of your competitors and/or the category leader take? What do fans value? What is it that your company lacks?

Leverage the stories of your competitor’s fans to develop a strategy for your own brand.

Understanding how fans of your competitor bonded with their brand will help you develop a differentiation strategy and redefine your brand.

You want to clarify what measures are appropriate for your target consumers’ life stage.

What events are unique to their life stage? What are their needs at that time? Does your brand satisfy those needs?

Gain insights by understanding the unique characteristics of their life stage.

Understanding the life stage-specific factors contributing to brand switch will help you find ways to increase market share and prevent outflow.

What the Output Looks Like


Overview of the factors contributing to inflow and outflow at each life stage, and the needs that your brand and competing brands were addressing at each stage


Mapping of needs that are satisfied by favorite brands, identifying areas where your brand is strong and areas where the competition is strong


Identification of bonding elements for each brand using INTAGE’s original drivers of brand bonding


The “Brand and I” stories of each brand’s fans

How Stories are Elicited

Two Techniques


Two techniques – cognitive interviews and tarot cards – are used to reveal brand experiences.


Cognitive Interviews

A technique developed in the U.S. by police to elicit as many accurate statements as possible when questioning witnesses of a crime or accident


Tarot Card Projection

The symbols and archetypes on tarot cards are used to reveal unconscious relationships with the brand.

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