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Advertisements & Media Planning

Challenges to be dealt with in "Advertisement & Media Planning"

Challenge 1

We would like to carry out our media planning based on the target’s customer journey

Challenge 2

We would like to develop advertisement materials which move the feelings of the target

Challenge 3

We would like to optimize our plan to publish the script for our advertisement/campaign in a way which is suitable for the target

Promotion Strategy required to make the target feel familiar with the product/service and enhance their willingness to buy.

To achieve better results, it is important to plan optimal advertisement/campaign placements after understanding the target’s actual exposure situation to various media and deliver advertisement materials capable of inducing empathy in the target.

By following the target’s behavior via INTAGE single source panel (i-SSP®) which captures the media exposure and purchase behavior of individuals as a log, INTAGE identifies advertisement & promotion opportunities based on the current digitalized environment. In addition, we support your advertisement & media planning by taking advantage of a variety of research methods such as facial expression analysis which captures non-verbal responses to the advertisement materials.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Advertisement & Media Planning"

1By following the target, we support your strategy development comprehensively.

In relation to the target which has been carefully set/understood during the "Identification of Market Opportunities" process, by following those who meet the criteria in the survey, we support the development of an advertisement & media strategy which hits the target much more effectively.

2Single source panel which captures data from "exposure to information" to "consumer behavior"

By capturing a series of behaviors of the target from media exposure to purchases via INTAGE single source panel (i-SSP), which contains one of the largest-scale media exposure logs for TV, personal computer, and mobile devices, and purchase logs, as well as information concerning the sense of the values of survey respondents in Japan, we support your advertisement & campaign planning.

3A variety of Research Methods in accordance with your Purpose

We support your planning by taking full advantage of a variety of methods, for example, by capturing, through facial expression analysis, the intuitive response of the consumers to the advertisement material which is difficult to comprehend through a questionnaire and capturing the movement from their assessment of the advertisement immediately after being exposed to the media to the purchase at the appropriate time via Smartphone research.

"Advertisements & Media Planning"
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