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Digital Integrated Audience Rating

Digital Integrated Audience Rating, the only panel service in Japan*1 which can ascertain the estimated number of users of digital media and reach (reach rate) encompassing the smartphone and PC(*1) has finally arrived.
The real picture of digital media use which cannot anymore be captured by analyzing only smartphones or only PCs… We will reveal the real use situation of digital media by way of an i-SSP® monitor, which collects a viewing log from all devices used for accessing the digital media.

Characteristics of Digital Integrated Audience Rating

For the first time in JapanYou come to understand actual utilization without duplication by integrating the overlapping use of smartphones and PCs

While panels covering only smartphones or PCs provided by other similar services are not able to do so, thanks to the INTAGE’s single source panel, which covers recent-day users who use both a smartphone and PC, you can capture precise utilization data of the digital media, including those users who use both devices.

Similar services: Can only capture that of PCs or Smartphones

One of the largest in JapanThis is one of the largest smartphone panels in Japan*1 integrating both OSs, iOS and Android, which captures complete integrated utilization data regardless of whether it is via a browser or an app.

The two major OSs are iOS and Android. If you only know the utilization of the users of one of the OSs, you cannot capture the whole picture of smartphone users.
Therefore, we provide non-OS-dependent information by integrating both OSs by way of the single-source panel of 10,000 people, which includes both iOS and Android users (One of the largest in Japan *1)
Furthermore, on the basis of INTAGE’s unique know-how, we not only link digital media and URL/app together, but integrate the browser use and app use as well. This makes it possible to capture precise digital media utilization data of recent-day smartphone users who use the same digital media via both browsers and apps as a matter of daily behavior.

Contacts via a variety of channels are linked to a unique user regardless of whether it is a smartphone, PC, Android, iOS, browser, or app

Contacts via a variety of channels are linked to a unique user regardless of whether it is a smartphone, PC, Android, iOS, browser, or app(Image)

Particular attention by INTAGEPanel design which enables more precise understanding of utilization

The use pattern of digital media differs depending on the user; some users use only a smartphone, others use only a PC, and some use both.
Therefore, in providing a Digital Integrated Audience Rating, we provide more precise utilization data which encompasses entire digital media use by using only the data of monitors who cooperate with us as a panelist in regard to every device used for digital media.

A monitor who is a panelist for every device used for digital media
We use data that misses out nothing in regard to the use history

デジタルメディアを利用する全デバイスでパネル協力するモニター 利用履歴に欠損のないデータを使用(イメージ図)

Reasonable price setting

Our challenge is to offer it at a cheapest price in the industry (*1) i.e. 200,000 yen per month (in the case of an annual subscription) so that we can provide powerful support to your understanding of the digital media market.

*1 Research by INTAGE in December 2018

Digital Integrated Audience Rating Report

Digital integrated audience rating report is provided as an ASP service so that customers can look at the recent digital media utilization near at hand.
It is possible to analyze and report on the digital media market from any point of view you want to take.
It is also possible for us to carry out aggregations & analyses other than the standard reports that are provided by the ASP service.

* The mode of delivery is assumed to be by report, CSV, etc.

Summary Report

Capture the whole digital media market

You can view the detailed reports on various indexes in relation to 300 or more major media.
Starting from digital integrated reach that integrates PC use and smartphone use of which you cannot ascertain with similar services, you can overview a variety of uses such as one device-by-device, device-pattern-by-device-pattern, smartphone OS-by-OS, and browser/app-by-browser/app.

*Report images are tentative

Profiling Report

Detailed profiling of digital media you want to know about

You can look at the attribute-by-attribute profiling of individual digital media, such as gender-by-gender or age-by-age as well as a wide range of indexes such as day-by-day / time band-by-time band use from a variety of angles including the used-device-by-used-device perspective.
It is also possible to compare the makeup of users of individual media with that of the whole Internet or that of a particular category.

*Report images are tentative


Visualize utilization which encompasses multiple digital media

It is possible to visualize how users are using multiple media, for example, how the users of your own company’s media are using competitors’ media and what kinds of media the target users are using, and so on.

*Report images are tentative

Main indexes *Index names are tentative

Summary report Estimated number of users (1,000 person), breakdown of the users (%), rate of utilization (%), ranking
Profiling report Breakdown by gender and by age group, breakdown by occupation, breakdown by household composition, breakdown by annual income, estimated number of users by day, estimated number of users by time band, number of hours for use by day, number of hours for use by time band

Estimated number of users (1,000 person), breakdown of the users (%), rate of utilization (%)

How to Use Digital Integrated Audience Rating

As reference material for digital advertisement planning
(mainly for advertising agencies and sponsors)

Particularly when you are considering placing a pure advertisement on an individual media type such as a branding-type advertisement, for the purpose of understanding the combination of digital media used by the target to select a multiple number of media in a most effective manner.

As material to be used for preparation of the profile sheet for the purpose of marketing of one’s own media
(mainly for media companies)

For the purpose of preparing marketing materials on the basis of objective figures to convince and encourage sponsors and advertising agencies to place an advertisement on your own media.

As a material for analysis & comparison (SWOT analysis, etc.)
(mainly for media companies and advertising agencies)

For the purpose of making a media & content related strategic plan by way of SWOT analysis, etc. on the basis of understanding the situation of competing media, which you cannot do if you are depending on your own data.

As reference material for analysis of the digital media market
(mainly for advertising agencies and consulting companies)

For the purpose of providing consulting services on the basis of the recent digital media market or using it to make investment related decisions on digital media.


Special price 200,000 yen per month (in the case of an annual subscription)

* For aggregations and analyses other than a standard report, please ask for a separate quotation.

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