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Media Planning Analysis via Single-Source Panel®

Media effectiveness measurement and optimization with single-source data

For Addressing the Following Issues

You want to measure the effectiveness of your ads.

To what extent did your campaign achieve the target reach, frequency, and conversion?

Utilization of i-SSP®(INTAGE Single Source Panel)data

Data on “media exposure” and “attitude change and purchases” are taken from the same respondent, allowing for highly accurate measurement of media effectiveness.

You want to identify the paths that lead to conversion.

What media touchpoints led to product usage?

Capturing user behavior through logs

Behavior log data provides a detailed and sequential record of the user’s media behavior up to conversion.

What the Output Looks Like

Charts showing the reach of each media channel, the overlapping reach of multiple media, and the resulting brand lift

Output image of media planning analysis using single source panel 1

Distinctive media exposure paths leading to conversion

Output image of media planning analysis using single source panel 3


The main focus is TV and web advertising. For other types of ads that are not captured with log data (magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, etc.), surveys can be used to obtain supplementary information.

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Attitude changes such as purchase behavior/web browsing behavior, awareness, and purchase intention can be measured using the following:

  • Scan log data for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) purchase behavior
  • Web log data for web browsing behavior
  • Survey findings

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