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De-sign Research


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De-Sign Research is a program to support the development of new products, services and communication based on a wealth of research data through workshops with a variety of professionals.

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What is De-Sign Research?

Guess and create the shape of consumers’ “signs” (unvoiced voices) by connecting them using data and facts

Want to create a new product category in the next few years

Want to create a new approach based on existing value within the current product category

De-Sign Research is a research and workshop program in response to these development challenges with the aim of creating new product/service concepts through cooperation among members of various industries.


Make the best use of research data and provide creation opportunities (workshop) to generate ideas

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Copywriters and designers give a concrete shape to the core elements of a product, service or communication created in the workshop and refine them.

Image of output produced by De-sign Research's copywriters and designers

Project flow examples

Market understanding  A project designed to develop new products/services by understanding the existing market and build a realistic persona based on consumer data

Idea breakthrough  A project designed to develop new products/services through an ideation that is not tied to the existing market

Using Mind Discovery Maps for Idea-Generation:Introducing Our Consumer Insight Program

Information on a related service “Re-Frame”

For information on our new innovation support service for organizational transformation, please visit the following website.(You will jump to the Japanese site.)

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