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Sales & Distribution Planning

Challenges to be dealt with in "Sales & Distribution Planning"

Challenge 1

We would like to decide which channel we should prioritize when promoting sales

Challenge 2

We would like to make a sales floor proposal incorporating the challenges of our suppliers

Challenge 3

We would like to propose an easy-to-shop shelf arrangement for the consumers and an effective in-store promotion

A Placement Strategy examines through which channel products or services should be distributed.
By understanding the recent changes and problems with respective channels, we will consider concentrating our efforts and resources on a particular channel that provides better opportunities and/or types of measures that could help in dealing with the problem.

With respect to the sales at the actual stores, the Promotion Strategy, how to encourage customers’ willingness to buy before they come to the store or in the store is also important. By understanding the product selection behavior and the way customers feel at the store, we allow you to design easy-to-shop sales floors and likely-to-be-chosen store measures.

INTAGE supports the development of a sales & distribution strategy by taking advantage of the purchase log data which captures daily shopping behavior in each channel, a database which contains evaluations of approximately 600 chain stores nationwide, and a variety of other research methods including research which captures the shoppers’ behavior in detail.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Sales & Distribution Planning"

1Purchase behavior log data which picks up the challenges of the channel based on the actual use situation

On the basis of SCI (nationwide consumer panel survey) which collects daily purchase behavior logs from approximately 52,000 survey respondents nationwide, we identify the challenges of the channel as well as how royalties are being obtained from chain users, not to mention a comparison with the actual use situation including shopping frequency and average sales per customer by business category or by chain.

2A variety of research methods according to the specific purpose

For example, as a means of capturing the moment that customers decide to buy, we have, and are offering a number of different research methods including a Smartphone diary survey, an in-store VTR survey, and in-depth interviews.

3Ability to use the database to even identify the challenges of individual stores

By combining and analyzing GIS data, ID-POS data held by the distributors, store information data and product DNA data held by INTAGE, and research data from the consumer survey respondents according to the particular challenge, we support you in a range of endeavors from understanding the characteristics of the individual store’s trade area to identifying the challenges.

"Sales & Distribution Planning"
is supported by a range of solutions

For Development of a Placement Strategy

For Development of a Promotion Strategy

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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