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INTAGE Cognitive Interviews: Shopper Experience

Applying cognitive interview techniques used in police investigations to encourage the replay of memories and capture the process and feelings leading up to purchase

3 Minute Introduction to Cognitive Interviews: Shopper Experience

For Addressing the Following Issues

You want to understand the decision-making process from the consumer’s perspective

How do consumers define the phases of the process? How do their perceptions of the process differ from those of clients and researchers?

“Consumer-centered” method in which consumers tell their own stories

Through stories told by consumers themselves, you can understand the behaviors and attitudes at each stage of the purchase process.

You want to clarify the touchpoints leading up to purchase and identify the points that resonate

What were the touchpoints, and how did consumers respond to each one? What was the final trigger of purchase?

Facilitation of memory retrieval for a detailed and vivid picture of the shopper journey

Cognitive psychology theory-based methods are used to draw out detailed and accurate memories, allowing for the identification of key sources of information and their roles.

You want to engage effectively with consumers at the key touchpoints

When and where does attitude change occur? What is the context, touchpoint, and message at that time? What feeling is aroused?

Identifying key triggers of attitudinal change through special techniques for capturing emotions

Charts and stickers are used to capture changes in emotions throughout the journey, facilitating the identification of salient triggers.

What the Output Looks Like


Individual customer journey maps are integrated to create a "typical" summary map for a brand or segment


Individual respondent's journeys are also created.


Illustrations drawn by the respondent during the interview also assist in understanding the journey.


As a tag-on question, respondents can be asked to evaluate actual ads or other stimuli.

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