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Identification of Market Opportunities

Challenges to be dealt with when "Identifying Market Opportunities"

Challenge 1

We would like to identify the success factors in a market we are entering for the first time

Challenge 2

We would like to choose the market segment we should set our eyes on when we release a new product

Challenge 3

We would like to set our target in a way that is appropriate for the product

Market environment analysis is indispensable when engaging in marketing.
Understanding the market trends accurately, for example, which market is growing and what is going to happen in the future as well as the competitive environment, for example, how each player is positioned, leads to the identification of market opportunities.

On the other hand, having a deep understanding of the users who will support the market and searching for the segment which has market volume and is highly approachable leads to target setting.

INTAGE implements market analysis from a 3C point of view and STP analysis while taking advantage of the data through one of the largest-scale panel data in Japan, which enables us to capture the trends of the market and the users from a bird’s eye view.
We assist your company with the identification of market opportunities and with target setting.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Identification of Market Opportunities"

1Large-scale sales data which capture the market trend in a continuous manner

SRI+® (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey) which collects the daily sales data from approximately 6,000 retail stores nationwide enables you to capture the market trends and/or the competitive situation in chronological order.

2Large-scale purchase behavior log data which enables you to have a good understanding of the customer and set highly attainable targets.

SCI® (Nationwide Consumer Panel Survey) which collects daily purchase behavior logs from 53,600 survey respondents nationwide enables you not only to understand the customer, but also to carry out segmentation of consumers from unique perspectives such as values or purchase behavior not to mention conventional demographic attributes.
Furthermore, you can choose your target theoretically based on such facts as market volume and attainability.

3A variety of Database and Reporting Services

A behavioral database on the scale of hundreds of thousands of people which has been built up through regular hearing surveys concerning service awareness, actual use situations, etc. enables you to capture user trends in industries such as finance, automobile, and electrical.
In addition, we provide the information report in a form which is appropriate for your purpose, for example, market trend reports which you can use as is and an online tool that lets you easily check the recent market trend data.

"Identification of Market Opportunities"
is supported by a range of solutions

For Understanding the Market

For Understanding the Customer

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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