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Market Forecast/
Product Demand Forecast

Forecasting demand and sales prospects for your product or market

For Addressing the Following Issues

Estimating market size

For optimal budget allocation, you want to predict the size of the market in the future.

A wide variety of methodologies

We plan, design, conduct surveys, and collect data in accordance with your analytical needs, and can also handle irregular forecasts.

Brand share forecasting

You want a brand share forecast that also takes into account your competitors’ sales forecasts.

Precise analysis using diverse data sources

Complex data marts and data from different sources can be combined for precise analysis and forecasting.

Sales forecasting for new stores

You want to forecast sales for each new store candidate.

Forecasting based on location and store characteristics

Selecting and integrating data suitable for forecasting, we perform forecast modeling based on location and store characteristics, and conduct scenario-specific forecasting.

What the Output Looks Like

Through calculation of forecast values and factor breakdown, the future size of the market and the factors that will affect it can be determined.

i-Forecast Output image 1

Category sales forecast

Using a variety of data sources (such as consumer surveys), market share forecasts are conducted taking the competition into account.

i-Forecast Output image 2

Share forecast

New store sales forecast for each candidate property, based on location and store characteristics

i-Forecast Output image 3

Store opening forecast


We can make a wide range of adjustments in accordance with your needs, so please feel free to consult with us

Yes, we can provide simulation files that allow brand managers to conduct data and forecast operations on their own. A variety of formats, including Excel, system loading, and programs such as SAS and SPSS, are supported.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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