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INTAGE Cohort Analysis Solution

Understanding the structure of demand in the market and making long-term forecasts

For Addressing the Following Issues

Identifying high-demand segments

You want to identify the segments that support your products.

Breakdown into cohort, aging, and time period effects

Analysis is conducted using purchase history data (mainly SCI®) to break down category/brand purchase volume by 3 effects: Cohort, Aging, and Time period.

Understanding the trend in demand structure

You want to understand the current distribution of demand, and how it will change in the future.

Future projections (market size trends)

Using data on the 3 effects and the future number of households (INTAGE estimates), we forecast market size trends based on population dynamics.

Future outlook

You want to determine the future prospects for your brand/category.

Targeting based on future value

High-potential cohorts can be identified based on cohort-specific projections.

What the Output Looks Like

Category/brand purchase volume broken down into 3 effects: Cohort, Aging, and Time period

This is an output image of the Intage Cohort Analysis Solution, which breaks down the purchase volume of categories and brands from purchase history data centered on SCI by the three effects of "generation," "aging," and "era

Projected market size trend based on the 3 effects and population dynamics estimates

Imagery outputting estimated future market size based on each effect of generation + aging + age and future demographics.

Identification of high-potential cohorts based on cohort-specific projections

Output image diagram for analyzing the generations to be targeted based on the market transition by generation for the next 10 years and the market size by generation for the next 10 years in total.


We have extensive experience using household surveys conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. If purchase data by age group for a certain period of time are available, this analysis can be conducted.

Category data for the past 11 years (in the case of 5-year age increments) is required.

Forecasts for up to 20 years can be made.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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