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Product Information Database


We have one of the largest product information databases in the industry. Our Product Master Unit is dedicated to product information maintenance on a daily basis, and has more than 20 years of experience.

Categories covered

Processed foods / Beverages and alcohol / Daily sundries consumables / Cosmetics / OTC drugs / Pet medications, etc.

Basic Items

GTIN/Manufacturer name/Product name

Information Provided

Information is organized according to the characteristics of each category.

Conceptual diagram of product information database maintenance information

Product Information Database Applications

A wider range of data analysis options

Our abundant selection of attributes gives you a wider range of options when viewing and analyzing data, and also reduces the work of registering information.

For data analysis

Link product information to your company’s own product data.
With our extensive range of categories, you can conduct data analysis from a variety of perspectives.

Image of Product Information Database2

For maintaining your company’s product master

The quality and usability of your product database can be upgraded through the incorporation of categorized and organized information.

Image of Product Information Database3

For shelf space allocation

Leverage our product information database for your retailer display proposals and plans.

Image of Product Information Database4


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