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SCI® Annual Report


Consumer purchase behavior data that gives you a bird’s-eye view of the overall market for the year as well as trends in a wide range of categories and channels.

Structure of SCI® Annual Report

  • Basic Report (shopping data summary, shopping data topics, basic indicators for all categories, etc.)
  • Collection of Detailed Data by Category/Item

For Addressing the Following Issues

You want to understand overall market trends.

You want to know what is happening in the market, even in categories that your company has not entered.

Market trends by category from a variety of perspectives

Market trends in a wide range of categories can be viewed in terms of channel, manufacturer, and purchaser demographics.

You want to learn about consumer trends in “hot” categories.

You want to understand what kinds of changes are occurring in categories that are performing well.

Consumer behavior-related topics on categories performing well

The report includes in-depth user profiles to show what changes in purchase behavior are occurring in strong-performing categories.

You want to understand consumers’ shopping behavior.

You want to know what kind of behavior consumers are adopting in each channel.

Differences in shopping behavior between channels

Understand the characteristics of shopping behavior by channel in terms of indicators such as shopping frequency, customer spend, and categories bought.

What the Output Looks Like

▼Output sample ①
(Food industry: Market size)

The Basic Report allows you to compare market size by industry and item in the past year.

SCI Image of basic indicator data for all categories output

▼Output sample ②
(Soft drink industry: Trend in market size and growth rate, by category)

The Collection of Detailed Data by Category/Item shows market size growth rate and manufacturer share trends for each item.

SCI Image of Market Size Trend (Value) output

▼Output sample ③
(Oral care market: Purchase route analysis)

For each category and item, you can see the analytical findings for each purchase route, such as supermarket, convenience store, and drugstore.

SCI Image of Purchase Route Breakdown (Value) output

▼Output sample ④
(Chocolate market: Manufacturer share analysis by age segment)

Analytical findings by purchaser demographic, such as gender, age, and occupation, are also provided for each category and item.

SCI Image of Manufacturer share analysis by age segment (Value) output

Industries and Items Presented in the Annual Report

Industry Category Item
Food industry Staple food Loaf bread, Instant cup noodles, etc.
Seasoning Soy sauce, Salad oil, etc.
Processed food Curry, Frozen pre-cooked food, Canned seafood, etc.
Luxury food Chocolate, Yogurt, Ice cream, Snacks, etc.
Beverage industry Drinks Milk, Soy milk, etc.
Luxury drinks Cocoa, Soluble coffee, etc.
Soft drinks Carbonated drinks, Mineral water, Tomato juice, etc.
Alcoholic drinks Beer, Whisky, Low-alcohol, etc.
Daily sundries industry Oral care Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, etc.
Personal care Shampoo, Antiperspirant, etc.
Household Laundry detergent, House cleaner, Aluminum foil, etc.
Paper products Toilet paper, Disposable diapers, etc.
Pet-related Dog food, Cat food, etc.
Other sundries Disposable heat pads, etc.


Yes, the SCI® Annual Report is available for SCI data non-users.

Yes, the Annual Report can be purchased at the category level.

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