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SCI® Co-Purchase Cluster


We provide support for defining subcategories from the perspective of consumers, based on consumers’ actual product co-purchase patterns.

For Addressing the Following Issues

You want to understand how consumers define the subcategories.

How do consumers group products together?

Subcategory definitions aligned with shoppers’ purchase patterns

Understand what products are considered to be part of the same subcategory by looking at products that individual consumers tend to buy together.

You want to check the current status of competition and cannibalization.

Which of your items and the competitors’ items are positioned similarly in consumers’ minds?

Competitive status of items in the same subcategory

Learn which of your products and your competitors’ products are grouped together by consumers in the same subcategory, and ascertain the performance of each product.

You want to offer shelf layouts that are aligned with consumers’ selection criteria.

How can you make shelf allocation more shopper-friendly?

Identification of subcategories and items that should be offered

Understand the factors driving product selection to improve shopper-friendliness and offer a wider range of items that consumers need.

What the Output Looks Like

Understand what groups of products are considered to be part of the same subcategory.

Image of output of subcategory classification by SCI concurrent cluster

See what factors are high on consumers’ selection criteria.

Image output that classifies the elements of consumer product selection criteria by SCI concurrent purchase cluster


Because the groupings are based on actual shopping behavior patterns using SCI (continuous shopping behavior data at the SKU level of 50,000 people nationwide), we can identify subcategories based on the unconscious product selection criteria that drive consumers' purchase behavior.

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