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SCI® User Profiling


A detailed picture of the “face” of brand users and target consumers is captured using the Profiler, a wealth of data on attitudes an actual behavior collected from SCI panelists, as well as detailed purchase behavior data.

For Addressing the Following Issues

To learn the differences between users of different brands

You want to know how users of your brand differ from those of competing brands, and how consumers perceive them differently.

Differences between users are revealed via extensive data on attitudes and behavior.

Compare and contrast the characteristics of your brand users with those of competing brands, based on approximately 1,000 items of data on attitudes and behavior.

To assess if your company is attracting the intended consumers

You want to confirm if there is a discrepancy between your assumed target and actual users of your brand.

Differences from the target in terms of both category purchase behavior and general attitudes/behavior are captured.

Check for discrepancies from your assumptions through user profiles that depict their attitudes, behavior, category purchase patterns, and other purchase characteristics.

To identify issues with users at an early stage

You want to make sure that there are no problems such as the loss of important customers, even if overall volume is maintained.

Profiling of “new” and “lost” users reveals changes in quality.

Check for changes such as the “outflow” of quality users by looking at the profile of new users and profile of users who have switched to other brands.

What the Output Looks Like

Extensive data on attitudes and actual behavior reveal differences in user profile.

Output image of SCI® User Profiling1

Detailed user profile using data on attitudes and data on purchase behavior.

Output image of SCI® User Profiling2

Qualitative issues are identified by breaking down brand users based on their purchase behavior and profiling the characteristics and changes of new users and users who switched to other brands.

Output image of SCI® User Profiling3

  • The above is one example of what the output might look like.

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