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Vision-oriented Consulting Service (VOC)

As the commoditization of all industries moves ahead, innovation which departs from current practice is required for sustainable growth. A “vision-oriented” approach, which considers the situation based on a vision rather than the current situation, is effective in order to generate innovation. With INTAGE’s “Vision-oriented Consulting service (VOC)”, a team of specialist consultants works with our clients from designing a vision to drawing up and implementing strategies to fill in the gaps between that vision and the actual situation, accelerating your innovation.

Features of Vision-oriented Consulting (VOC)

INTAGE proposes an original vision hypothesis

At INTAGE, we take on the challenge of drawing out a vision which is at the forefront of your industry and of your company’s functioning. We do so through autonomous investigations and research and through initiatives in partnership with academia. We then propose a “vision” for your company and your industry, on the basis of the original perspectives and knowledge obtained.

Our own unique consulting team to fill in the gaps between vision and reality

With your vision hypothesis as the premise, we commit to providing visible results by designing highly specialized, practical steps to fill in the gaps between that vision and the current reality.

Utilization of the INTAGE Group’s original data marketing tools

Using the INTAGE Group’s proprietary consumer information, data analysis methods, and technologies, we are able to make decisions based on minutely detailed analysis unavailable from other companies, and to implement highly cost effective projects.

Examples of areas in which we have supported clients through VOC

Integrated brand and customer satisfaction management

Against a backdrop of increasingly uniform products and services, more and more clients are facing issues when it comes to differentiating their brand. With VOC, improving customer loyalty is set as the goal and, using our unique management model, which adds customer satisfaction (CS) indicators to brand indicators at all levels from corporate to product/ service levels, we make the existing gaps between the vision of our client or their industry and the reality visible. At the same time, we propose a program to accelerate the formulation of the most suitable action plan to fill in these gaps and to ensure that this plan generates its own momentum on the ground.
We also support clients in leveraging their contributions to society, e.g. through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are anticipated to become new KPIs.

Business growth along the health axis

For clients who aim for new growth along the health axis, where growth is assured due to issues of ageing and social security, we propose a growth vision rooted thoroughly in the self health care needs of consumers, which are not limited to any particular industry. We are in a strong position to do this with VOC thanks to our health axis database, compiled through a survey of 80,000 people, and our proprietary needs analysis model. At the same time, we propose an original action program including the development of a business model to fill in the gaps, reform of the points of contact, digital innovation, and more.

Upgrading of transport infrastructure services

We work to draw out visions on themes such as business strategy in next-generation transport (Maas) or a service evaluation model as a leading indicator, on the basis of an extensive track record of projects related to aviation, railroads, automobiles and highways, and other transport infrastructure.
Our project schemes which reflect real consumer trends, drawn from the INTAGE Group’s proprietary location data and our rich experience of handling service satisfaction data, are among our strengths.

Domestic and international product development support

Using the diverse factual data and rich experience possessed by INTAGE, we refine the process of searching for business opportunities, STP design, and target understanding required at the planning stage of new product, expressing the ideal form for the new product with a concise concept. Through support at each of the subsequent stages - product development, decision to launch, and post-launch evaluation - we increase the likelihood of the new product’s success.

Visitors to Japan - inbound strategy design and reconstruction

Many of our clients are weak on the “origin side” - English-speaking countries, greater China, South-East Asia, etc. We have bases, personnel, knowhow, and information about emerging trends in each of these areas, and can support you in planning marketing activities that ensure bookings and repeat bookings by foreigners in your target groups.
We present the five key factors (winning patterns) which effectively attract inbound visitors, knowledge gained from many cases of inbound consulting, as ideal forms. We make it more likely that you will succeed by filling in the gaps in concrete, easily-understandable ways, and our work is highly regarded.