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Product & Service Development

Challenges to be dealt with in "Product & Service Development"

Challenge 1

We would like to clarify the product elements we should have as specifications

Challenge 2

We would like to carry out a demand forecast to prepare a production plan

Challenge 3

We would like to make our packaging and pricing acceptable to the target

4Ps Strategy Required for Production of Products & Services and their Delivery to the Target

First of all, we will work out a Product Strategy by considering what form of products/services would embody the concept we developed in terms of product characteristics, design, naming, packaging, and other such elements.
Furthermore, we will work out a Price Strategy, i.e. what sorts of pricing for the products/services we have developed will be acceptable for the target consumers, how to implement price promotions such as special discount sales, etc.

INTAGE supports the development of a Product Strategy and Price Strategy which are acceptable to the target through a variety of research methods according to the specific purpose, surveys of the target segment, and a panel data based analysis of prices and sales performance.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Product & Service Development"

1A Variety of Research Methods According to the Specific Purpose

We support evaluating/improving each element of the product & service by taking full advantage of various different methods ranging from research studies to re-enact the product selection behavior online as if it was real to those research studies based on marketing research theory including conjoint analysis and PSM analysis.

2Comprehensive Support for Strategy Development Based on Research of the Target

By carefully setting and understanding the target during the "Identification of Market Opportunities" process, we can conduct a survey of those people who meet the conditions of a target; in this way, we can work out a strategy which hits the target head on.

3Real Price Elasticity Data and Demand Forecasting Based on Actual Sales Results

The fact that it is possible to capture the relationship between a change of price of an existing product and a change of sales based on SRI+® (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Data) which continually collects sales results from approximately 6,000 stores nationwide, enables us to work out a Price Strategy on the basis of actual market performance.
In addition, we support your decision whether or not to release the product on the basis of our accurate demand forecast model which incorporates actual performance data for past products.

"Product & Service Development"
is supported by a range of solutions

For Formulation of Product Strategy

For Formulation of a Price Strategy

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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