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Conjoint Analysis


Analysis of preferences with respect to product/service components for understanding product selection behavior

For Addressing the Following Issues

Product development

To determine the direction of product development, you want to understand consumer preferences with respect to brand name, functional features, and price.

Learn what functions and features should be developed.

By comparing preferences for functional features and price, the functions and features that should be prioritized for development can be narrowed down.

Consideration of product specifications

You want to prioritize the specifications of your new product in accordance with consumer needs.

Prioritize the specs that should be included.

By identifying the elements that consumers focus on when making purchases, you can prioritize the specs to be included.

Product improvement

You want to clarify consumer preferences with respect to product features, and identify areas for improvement.

Product improvement plan for maximizing mind share

Through product feature simulation, you can identify features that maximize mind share and make appropriate improvements.

What the Output Looks Like

Importance consumers place on each product component


The value placed by consumers on each component is presented through numerical indicators.


Evaluations of hypothetical products with various combinations of components


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