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Leveraging consumers’ intuitive responses for new package and creative development

For Addressing the Following Issues

New product package design evaluation

You want to check not only how much people like the package but what they like and don't like about it.

Visible at a glance with heat maps

Package design evaluations are presented in an easy-to-explain format.

Finding a layout that is appropriate and effective

You want to know where on the package the copy, features, product image, and other elements should be placed.

See the strength of response to each layout.

Narrowing down the number of package options is easy.

Package renewal

You want to know what elements should be kept and what elements should be changed.

See areas that “should be kept” and areas that “require improvement”.

i-Mesh can capture responses that could not be fully captured in conventional surveys, which rely on verbalization.

i-Mesh vs. Conventional Surveys


What the Output Looks Like

Heat map

The parts that “worked” and “didn’t work” are plotted onto the product in an easy-to-see format.


Click rate by zone

You can divide the image up into “zones” of your own choosing, and have users click on them.

The click rate of each zone tells you which zones generated a positive response.

Since the order in which each zone was clicked is also shown, you can tell which zones were eye-catching.



The image should be one that can be displayed without scrolling on the device’s screen. Surveys have been conducted on each platform (PC, smartphone, and tablet).

Yes! We have conducted 1-on-1 and focus group interviews using a laptop PC or tablet for i-Mesh. We have also conducted overseas research using i-Mesh.

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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