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Shopper evaluations via online shelf test


Conduct shelf tests online that simulate in-store display shelves, and understand the purchase behavior process by acquiring log data of purchase behavior.

Visual Stimuli: Example


<Reproduction of store display shelves>
Product images are placed side by side, realistically reproducing in-store display shelves on the web screen. Price cards can also be applied.
*Please contact us for a screen demo.


<Reproduction of in-store actions on the screen>
To simulate the in-store product selection process, the product can be enlarged by clicking on it, and the reverse side of the package can also be shown.


<Large selection of shelf designs>
A variety of shelf designs are available. The height of the shelf tiers can be changed, and multiple faces can be displayed.

For Addressing the Following Issues

Entering a new market

You want to confirm whether your package will have a strong in-store presence.

Measure shoppers’ evaluations using log data of simulated purchases.

By looking at log data on whether and in what order the product was “picked up”, “turned around”, and “purchased”, you can confirm your product’s shelf impact.

Package renewal

Will the new package be chosen more than the current one? Will current users continue to choose your product?

Conduct shelf tests with multiple shelf patterns.

With simulated shelves, it’s easier to prepare and test multiple shelf patterns.

Online implementation of CLT (Central Location Test)

Due to the time and cost of conducting CLTs, you want to conduct a shelf test in an easy, cost-effective way, while simulating as much as possible the look of store display shelves.

Using realistic display shelves, online surveys can be conducted on large samples.

A realistic-looking display shelf, with products that have a sense of depth, is reproduced on the web screen.
Multi-screen support for PCs, smartphones, and tablets allows for the implementation of surveys with a large sample size.

What the Output Looks Like


<Purchase process analysis>
Each step of the purchase process - picking up the product, looking at the back side, and purchasing it - can be captured.


<Package renewal effect analysis>
By conducting shelf tests with the current package and the new package, you can compare the differences in the purchase process and determine the effectiveness of the new package.

Optional services

In addition to the above, a variety of options are available. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Detailed logs of purchase behavior
  • Alternative product shelf designs
  • Products displayed with stickers or other signage

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

Please feel free to contact us. The relevant team member will get in touch with you.

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