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Pricing Optimizer

Pricing optimization tool to beat rising consumption tax and raw material prices

For Addressing the Following Issues

Price correction with minimal sales decrease

Since the current selling price is too low, you want to make adjustments with minimal loss of sales value.

Exploration of optimum pricing points within the target unit price range

We will provide you with the pricing that allows you to achieve maximum sales value while achieving your target average unit price.

Sales growth with minimal discounting

You want to raise sales while avoiding price reductions as much as possible.

Pricing for achieving your sales target

We will provide you with the pricing for the highest average unit price that also achieves your sales target.

Sales growth with minimal decrease in profit

You want to raise sales while avoiding a decrease in profit as much as possible.

Pricing that clears the sales target while maximizing profit

We will provide you with the pricing that delivers the highest profit while achieving the sales target.

What the Output Looks Like

Output image of Pricing Optimizer1

We can run simulations for maximizing sales with a specified average unit price.

Output image of Pricing Optimizer2

We can also run simulations for maximizing the average unit price with a specific sales target.

Output image of Pricing Optimizer3

A simulation sheet that you can operate yourself is also available.


Pricing Optimizer is a simulation that looks only at the item under investigation. If you would like a price simulation that includes competing items, we recommend our “Price Simulator”.

We recommend our “Price Revision Simulation” for simulations of previously untested price points. Simulations can be run using estimates of the new, price revision-based price elasticity.

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