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Promotion Implementation

Challenges to be dealt with in "Promotion Implementation"

Challenge 1

We would like to deliver as wide a range of information as possible to the target

Challenge 2

We would like to send the information to the target as effectively as possible

Challenge 3

We would like to engage in marketing activities in accordance with individual needs

At the stage where you are providing your products and/or services, it is important for you to implement promotional activities based on a prearranged strategy and deliver them to the target efficiently.

While the amount of information surrounding the consumer is increasing year after year, the amount of information an individual can actually touch and consume is still limited.
In such an information environment, we must make sure the information we want to send is not buried but actually delivered.
As consumers are exposed to a lot of advertisements these days, in order for them not to be disliked but to be accepted by the receiver, i.e. consumer, we are required to align our promotion with the needs of the receiver.

INTAGE supports the implementation of promotions with a large-scale promotion base which enables us to reach our targets extensively, enables a framework which distributes the advertisement effectively targeting those "segments fitting the product/service" which have been set based on purchasing behavior etc., and enables a framework which enables One-to-One Marketing to be carried out based on consumers’ needs and their concepts of values.

Characteristics of INTAGE’s "Promotion Implementation"

1Promotional Base Enabling Us to Reach Out Extensively

We can deliver product/service information and samples to those targets extracted from millions of d-Point Club members.

2Advertisement Distribution Base Allowing Us to Reach out to the Target

We can distribute online advertisements by envisaging those targets as set during the "Identification of Market Opportunities" process on our advertisement distribution platform which integrates together the consumers’ purchase logs, media exposure logs, and the value database held by INTAGE.

3Product DNA Data Makes One-to-One Marketing Possible

By utilizing the product DNA data which shows "This product was bought by a person with such and such type of values", who was attached to the product on the basis of the SCI data (Nationwide Consumer Panel Survey) which collects daily purchase behavior logs from approximately 52,000 survey respondents nationwide, we help you to match the unsatisfied needs of the retail store customers with the benefits of your product, enabling you to take a more effective approach.

"Promotion Implementation"
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