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November 27, 2015

Report 15-Field survey in Vietnam: Single women in their 20s in Ho Chi Minh City

  • * Young people who are indicating that their actual lives are fulfilling.


  • Women’s social progress has advanced in Vietnam, in recent years.
  • Among the ownership rate of durables, "motorbike/scooter" is the highest and "smartphone" is the second.
  • Regarding their attitudes, "steady properties and stable status" shows the highest growth.
  • The utilization rates of "cable TV"and "Internet at home" are high, also there is a high sense of beauty.
  • Regard to participation in service activities, domestic travel tends to facilitate their consumption.


In recent years, women’s social progress has advanced in Vietnam. More women than men in Ho Chi Minh City work in service industries or work as clerks in companies. For that reason, there are many female workers seen in the business district of Ho Chi Minh City.

Their income has been on a rising trend year by year, and firstly they buy "motorbike/scooter" that is a necessity in Ho Chi Minh, followed by a smartphone. As a result, they start to learn a lot of knowledge and experiences in the virtual space of the Internet.

With regard to participation in service activities, easier "travel (domestic)" tends to facilitate their consumption to do something. When it comes to their values, "steady properties and stable status" have been rapidly increasing. This suggests that they have a change in awareness in line with the economic growth and a strong desire to improve their status.


1. Durables (including households): Mobility-Learn knowledge and experiences in both the physical space and the virtual space

The survey results show that the ownership rate of "motorbike/scooter" is 100%, the highest among others, showing a distinctive result in Ho Chi Minh City. The second highest is 89.8%, for "smartphone."

With respect to the growth from 2012, the ownership rate of "smartphone" increased by 53.8 points, the largest among others. The growth rate of "tablet device" is 34.6 points. Such rapid penetration of "smartphone" and "tablet device" indicates that young women in Ho Chi Minh City make full use of mobile devices to collect information on the Internet and communicate with others.

[Figure 1] Ownership rate and its growth rate

2. Attitude: Status

The survey results of their attitudes on a five-point scale shows that the top one in "think so very much" is "steady properties and stable status" with 52.8% exceeding the majority, followed by "hopes and dreams" with 52.7%, 0.1 points lower.

With respect to the growth from 2012, "steady properties and stable status" showed the highest growth at 26.7 points. The survey results show that they want to steadily improve themselves under the rapidly expanding Vietnamese economy.

[Figure 2] Young women’s attitudes and their growth rates

3. Service activities: Entertainment, Beauty

The survey results show that the highest utilization rate is for "cable TV" with 100%, and "Internet at home" is placed fourth with 69.4%, indicating a high utilization of digital technology-related service activities. The second place is "hair salon" with 95.2% and the third is "nail salon," indicating high aesthetic values. An entertainment item of "travel (domestic)" is 55.5%, accounting for more than the majority and with a growth rate of 23.1 points.

This can be read as self-investment by young women who have come to afford it, and changes in their behaviors for entertainment and beauty.

[Figure 3] Utilization rate in service activities and its growth rate

Amid an abundance of information in line with the digitalization of media, single women in their 20s seek for better lives. The survey results indicate that they want to feel superior to others by sharing their enriching experiences with friends through SNS.

Survey Overview

Survey Method Visit-and-interview survey via quota samplings at random locations
Survey Period June 2015 (The previous survey conducted in July 2014 and the survey before last conducted in July 2012)
Respondents 1,500 female individuals aged 20 to 59 and classified as A to D of SEC*1 who have lived either in Bangkok (Thailand), Delhi (India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Shanghai (China), or Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) for three years or more (300 persons per city).
Organizations Conducting the Survey INTAGE Inc. and INTAGE Group companies overseas


INTAGE Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Noriaki Ishizuka) published the "Asia Insight Report" based on independent surveys conducted in Asian regions in collaboration with INTAGE group companies to identify trends in attitudes and behavior on a variety of themes.
Part 15 of the Report features "Field survey in Vietnam: Single women in their 20s in Ho Chi Minh City." This Report focuses on single women in their 20s in Ho Chi Minh City, and draws upon analysis of their lifestyle and values clarified by "Asia Insight Research,*2" which was conducted jointly by INTAGE Inc. and other Group companies.

  • *1SEC : Social Economic Class
  • *2Asia Insight Research : A series of independent joint surveys are conducted every year by INTAGE Inc. and overseas INTAGE Group companies in Asia. The research collects data such as consumer opinions, evaluations, and perceptions in several Asian cities by studying their lifestyle and consumption habits.