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INTAGE Inc. is a long-time specialist in marketing, consumer panel and retail tracking research.
Together with the INTAGE Group entities, the company harnesses its research, data collection & analysis, and system solution technologies to partner with clients in a broad range of industries, deliver strategic insights, and provide the actionable intelligence needed for their management and marketing decision-making processes in Japan, throughout Asia and around the world.

Origin of the company name

We changed our company name to INTAGE in 2001 as we conceived the 21st century is the "Age of Intelligence" and we wanted to be a force in exploring and developing this new age.

* Old company name: Social Research Institute

Thought represented by the corporate logo

Our logo, INTAGE’s corporate symbol, is a design based on "c-h-i" which is a Chinese character in the tensho style (engraving style) meaning "Intelligence."
The left-hand side represents an "arrow" used to make a pledge and the right-hand side represents a "vessel" used to store the benediction (a prayer of blessing).
It means to confirm what should be done by "giving the benediction and making a pledge" i.e. "come to know or realize."

Upholding this logo, a symbol of "Intelligence," we will pursue our mission the "Creation of intelligence pioneering the future of the global community."