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December 17, 2015

Report 16-Media Use Time in 3 Asian Cities


  • The type of media people spend the most time is television, followed by mobile devices.
  • Women in Ho Chi Minh City are spending significantly more time on mobile devices.
  • Women in Jakarta are now watching much more television.


The popularity of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, has grown in Asian countries. As a result, the type of media people spend the most time on in all three cities is television, followed by mobile devices.

While people in Ho Chi Minh City in particular spend less time watching television compared with the other two cities, women are spending significantly more time on mobile devices, which may stimulate a media war over mobile devices.

Moreover, while women in Bangkok are watching much less television than they used to, women in Jakarta are now watching much more television.


1. Overall media use time (2015): Television leads the way, followed by mobile devices.

A breakdown of the survey results shows that of the amount of time people spend using media, roughly half is spent on watching television. People in Jakarta and Bangkok especially spend a lot of time watching television compared with the other countries: 3.2 hours and 2.7 hours, respectively. In Ho Chi Minh City, people spend more time on PC compared with the other countries.

[Figure 1] Overall media use time (2015) (Units: Hours)

2. Media use time according to gender (2015): Looking at the data according to gender, women watch more television than men.

The survey results show that the amount of time per day men spend using forms of media other than television is slightly more than or about the same as women in all three cities. For television, however, women spend more time watching it than men in all three countries. While women in Jakarta watch 3.6 hours of television, men watch 2.9 hours.

[Figure 2] Media use time according to gender (2015) (Units: Hours)

3. Comparison of media use time according to year (2012-2015) (women only): Surge in amount of time spent watching television in Jakarta, and on mobile devices in Ho Chi Minh City

Comparing the survey results between 2012 and 2015 (women only), Jakarta saw increases in all categories. The 0.8-hour increase for television particularly stands out. Possible reasons for this include the increase in the number of programs due to the emergence of overseas media outlets in the past few years, the Korean boom, and the reduction of cable television fees. In contrast, the amount of time spent using mobile devices among people in Ho Chi Minh City increased by 0.8 hours.

[Figure 3] Overall media use time: Comparison between 2012 and 2015 (women only) (Units: Hours)

Much like Japan, mobile devices are now catching up with television, which at one time was the predominant form of media.

The spread of mobile devices has enabled consumers to sift through information from anywhere. Their prevalence rate has increased each year, and it is expected that the impact of this trend will continue to grow. Strategies for communicating with consumers through a variety of platforms will be essential in Asian countries moving forward.

Survey Overview

Survey Method Visit-and-interview survey via quota samplings at random locations
Survey Period June 2015 (The previous survey conducted in July 2014 and the survey before last conducted in July 2012)
Respondents 1,200 individuals aged 20 to 59 and classified as A to D of SEC*1 who have lived either in Bangkok (Thailand), Delhi (India), Jakarta (Indonesia), or Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) for three years or more (300 persons per city).
Organizations Conducting the Survey INTAGE Inc. and INTAGE Group companies overseas


INTAGE Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Noriaki Ishizuka) published the "Asia Insight Report" based on independent surveys conducted in Asian regions in collaboration with INTAGE Group companies to identify trends in attitudes and behavior on a variety of themes. Part 16 of the Report features "Media Use Time in 3 Asian Cities." This Report focuses on media use time in three different cities: Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and draws upon analysis of the differences between the three cities as clarified by "Asia Insight Research,*2" which was conducted jointly by INTAGE Inc. and other Group companies.

  • *1SEC : Social Economic Class
  • *2Asia Insight Research : A series of independent joint surveys are conducted every year by INTAGE Inc. and overseas INTAGE Group companies in Asia. The research collects data such as consumer opinions, evaluations, and perceptions in several Asian cities by studying their lifestyle and consumption habits.