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Subconscious approach via research × brain science

By measuring cerebral blood flow, we capture both conscious truth (language) and subconscious truth (response of cerebral blood flow) to carry out comprehensive analysis.

What is Neuro Research?

Since it’s one of the methods which allows you to get into the subconscious of the subject, we propose it and other non-verbal methods (facial, eye tracking, etc.) depending on your purpose.
By combining it with other conventional research methods, we can identify any gap between conscious evaluation and subconscious response.

It’s possible to instantly measure such feelings or emotions which are difficult to express in words, or measure without being influenced by noise, for example, the tendency to follow the leader which is often observed among the Japanese.

Main output

How to use Neuro Research

Capture evaluations and levels of consciousness which lie deeper in the psyche using a non-verbal method

When we measure the cerebral blood flow of the frontal cortex, we interpret the measurements by making connections between the activated part and the function based on previous research which found “responses in different areas indicate different meanings.” In this way, it’s possible to analyze and decipher the impression made by the advertising materials such as television advertisements and magazine advertisements.

Together with chronological output, you can use it to improve advertisement materials such as video clips.

Neuro with conventional research methods

When there are differences between evaluations, you can create a matrix by combining Neuro Research with other conventional methods (such as survey sheets) and get clues which will point to the reason for the differences and ways to improve.

(Example) relationship between brain response & answers to the survey sheet (intention of purchase)

Flow of service provision

Standard schedule


Preparatory discussion



Approximately 2-3 weeks


Actual research

Depends on the scale


Analysis & reporting

Approximately 2-3 weeks

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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