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Focus Group Interview (FGI) | In-Depth Interview

Qualitative surveys based on consumer/market understanding

A qualitative research method where we conduct round table discussions or one-to-one interviews.
The group interview (FGI) is suitable when you want to collect a wide range of opinions or ideas leading to insight through conversations between research subjects; whereas when you want to get into the deep psyche or get down to the bottom line of a survey subject, the In-Depth Interview is the way to go.
An experienced researcher will make a proposal for you based on a wealth of data.
We also provide a variety of state-of-the-art facilities where you can listen and observe the real voices of the consumers.

Point 1

With the Focus Group Interview (FGI), by observing the free discussion between consumers, you can come up with a wide range of opinions and ideas, as well as new discoveries and hypotheses to solve your problems.

Point 2

With the In-Depth Interview, by getting down to the bottom line of the consumer, you can obtain an in-depth understanding of their behavior in chronological order, the psychological changes they went through at that time, their concept of values, and the value of your company’s brand.

Characteristics of the Focus Group Interview (FGI) and In-Depth Interview

Proposals based on a wealth of knowledge and data

We propose the optimal survey plan taking advantage of the experience and knowhow of Access JP, one of our group companies which specializes in qualitative research, as well as our company’s data and market knowledge.

A variety of our own venues with state-of-the-art equipment

We have a total of five interview rooms of different types in our offices in Akihabara and Osaka. We help you with observing consumers at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our company’s own venue (1)

Our company’s own venue (2)

Our company’s own venue (3)

Our company’s own venue (4) (5)

For those subjects who are too busy to come to the venue, we let them share the session remotely.

We can do this either by remote delivery to your office or by transmission between our Akihabara and Osaka offices. People can share the interview without having to come to the venue.

We make comprehensive proposals through combining quantitative research

We make proposals that combine qualitative research, quantitative research, and panel data analysis according to your aims and challenges. We can offer a broader and deeper analysis of consumers.

How to utilize the Focus Group Interview (FGI)

  • Listen to the candid opinions of the customer concerning the product you are developing
  • Find out how to improve your company’s products and services in specific ways

How to utilize the In-Depth Interview

  • Obtain an in-depth knowledge of your targets’ behavior in daily life and their set of values for the purpose of product development
  • Conduct interviews about your targets’ behavior and/or background while monitoring their daily life

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

Please feel free to contact us. The relevant team member will get in touch with you.

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