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Finance & Insurance

In the Finance industry, the key to marketing is how deeply you can think by using standard marketing as a base, as used in the Food & Beverage industry, and then taking additional factors unique to the Finance industry into account. Fintech is one of the various movements recently becoming active, so the market structure is likely to change further.
INTAGE provides comprehensive support to deal with the various issues faced by the Finance industry, including life insurance companies, banks and brokerages, to help our clients’ businesses succeed by drawing on our diverse track record, research infrastructure and systems.

Financial institutions for which we have an understanding of financial actions
Approx. 320 institutions
Survey respondents for which we have an understanding of financial actions
Approx. 700,000 people

Annual track record

More than 40 companies

(Includes public institutions and organizations)

Characteristics of INTAGE

MAT-kit®, a financial panel for understanding the financial actions of consumers

Includes the approximately 700,000 responses to large surveys by life and nonlife insurance companies, banks and brokerages as well as surveys planned by INTAGE on numerous themes. The approximately 700,000 responses make it one of the largest in Japan, which enables us to secure uncommon samples, to conduct cost-efficient surveys and to understand market conditions at the municipal level.

A solid track record and considerable know-how held by members who are finance specialists

A group of finance specialists with plenty of experience in planning and analysis. Not only do we conduct surveys, but also we draw on our considerable track record and know-how to support the marketing of our clients.

Analysis of big data other than survey data

We can analyze and construct models not just using research data, but also business data held by clients (contract data, sales transaction data, etc.).

Construction of marketing automation systems

We support marketing automation which leads to further business expansion, such as the use of modeling logic and the construction of dashboards for each branch or for each person in charge, using BI tools.

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The Finance industry is an industry where standard marketing and thinking, such as those applicable in the Food & Beverage industry, do not apply. What’s required is not just an understanding of the industry, but also a track record in surveys and the building of hypotheses and creative measures which reflect the characteristics of the industry.
INTAGE has Finance industry specialists with plenty of experience in planning and analysis, so we can offer our broad support based on a deep understanding of the industry, not just with surveys but also through tasks such as business data analysis, marketing automation systems and digital communications.

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