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HR-kit is a large-scale database for the human resources market which helps read the attitudes and actual conditions regarding job-changes, part-time work and temporary staffing of approximately 400,000 people across Japan. We provide basic data on the scale of the human resources market as well as research data such as people’s attitudes to work and their consideration processes.
We will help you formulate marketing measures based on this data, such as understanding consumer trends in the human resources market and developing segments for strategic targets.

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Characteristics of HR-kit

A human resources database of roughly 400,000 people nationwide

We conduct surveys on approximately 400,000 people across Japan every quarter to quantitatively and accurately understand the human resources industry, which is easily affected by many different factors such as revisions to the law and economic conditions.
In addition, because we fully cover the different job-change, temporary staff and part-time worker markets, you will be able to understand the characteristics for each market.
The data collected is not only about actual job-change activities but also covers a broad range of other areas including people’s attitudes and their values regarding work and work styles, as well as the status of services they’ve used, which enables a deeper analysis of the attitudes of your target.


Goes beyond understanding actual conditions to help you figure out what “measures” to take

We help with communication planning by portraying the persona of the target and understanding our customer’s journey through not only the attribute information of the survey respondents but also the wealth of other data including lifestyle attitudes/values and media exposure via TVs/PCs/smartphones.
We also offer not just planning, but a smooth transition to actually taking the required measures, such as making use of INTAGE’s DMP (di-PiNK®) for ad delivery.



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360-degree understanding of consumers

In an age when the needs and interests of consumers are diversifying, data specific to a certain industry or business is not sufficient to gain insight into “why a consumer behaved that way or made that decision.”
INTAGE has prepared not just data for each industry/business, but also data that takes a broad look at “lifestyles,” such as consumption behavior, information exposure behavior, and lifestyle-related attitudes/values.
Combining “HR-kit” with various other data will enable you to understand the targets more deeply.


Understand the target with HR-kit × Profiler

INTAGE owns various data based on consumer understanding, including “consumer attitudes,” “media exposure status,” “lifestyle attitudes/values,” in addition to human resources data. By combining HR-kit with these data, you can understand the target more deeply.

<Differences in values/attitudes of people who have confirmed job changes or are hunting for jobs ⇔ people who have no interest in job changes>

Deepen insight into targets through special analysis and follow-up surveys

INTAGE offers reporting using a requested analysis axis.
We can quickly and efficiently provide easy-to-understand reports of research data from being very close to the users, such as job-hunting and part-time-work searches, which cannot be gained through data released by the government and the national census.
Furthermore, we also offer follow-up surveys on the respondents to our periodic surveys. Please feel free to contact us.

We support communication planning based on target profiling

INTAGE deepens your understanding of the target and formulates planning which reaches the target

After deriving the target, we conduct an analysis using the survey data together with our wealth of panel information in order to understand the target more deeply.
We then prepare data that supports the formulation of a communication plan and a promotion plan through steps which include portraying the persona based on values and lifestyle attitudes, including work, and exposure to media - such as TV, the web and smartphones - and understand the customer journey in relation to job-searching.


Deliver messages to the target group efficiently with HR-kit x di-PiNK

Ad delivery using HR-kit x di-PiNK

Compared to just making an estimate, more precise targeting is possible using HR-kit to extract the characteristics of the target group.
We calculate the target segment based on our wealth of information. By delivering ads to ordinary consumers who have similar attributes or web behavior to the survey respondents belonging to each segment, you will be able to approach your targets more efficiently.


We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

Please feel free to contact us. The relevant team member will get in touch with you.

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