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Ad Trace Panel®

A panel consisting of approximately one million people of all our online survey respondents (Mighty Monitor®) from whom we have obtained permission to collect cookies.

Can be used as a platform for measuring effectiveness or AB testing of digital advertisements.

Characteristics of the Ad Trace Panel

Large-scale samples

Since it boasts a large-scale sample of 300,000 PC cookie survey respondents and 750,000 smartphone cookie survey respondents, it’s possible to confirm the effectiveness of even a small scale campaign. In addition, it’s also possible to confirm effectiveness through segmentation by, for example, advertisement material or age group.

Confirm the effect on actual purchasing

By linking with daily commodity purchase data (SCI®), you can visualize the relationship between digital advertisements and purchase behavior.

It’s possible to conduct delivery experiments (AB testing)

It’s possible to verify the effectiveness of the branding for each advertisement material or verify the optimal advertisement exposure time by delivering an online advertisement to a specific group of survey respondents before the actual launch of the campaign.

A wealth of attributes

It’s possible to carry out further analysis using a purchase attribute survey of durable consumer goods/service goods such as automobiles and finance or using a wide variety of psychographic/demographic attributes.

Outline of the Ad Trace Panel Survey

How to use the Ad Trace Panel

Measuring advertisement effectiveness

Measuring website effectiveness

Delivery experiment (AB testing)

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