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Media Gauge® Dynamic Panel®

The Media Gauge Dynamic Panel, which is currently in the process of development, will address the issues associated with conventional TV viewing measurement data and realize large-scale and sophisticated TV viewing analysis.

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Issues associated with conventional TV viewing measurement data

Panel survey data Device log data
  • Accuracy is high
  • Human-based measurement is possible
  • Sample size is small
  • Although the number is large, the unit of collection is a device
  • You do not know the attributes
  • Although they can be linked to other devices via Cookie, etc., human-based viewing cannot be identified
Large-scale human-based viewing data estimated on the above basis
  • Owing to the following reasons, estimation accuracy is limited
    • -
      With TV, in many cases, it is passive viewing (a number of people are viewing, it is kept turned on)
    • -
      Channel selection right is not absolute and the selection does not necessarily reflect the preference
    • -
      The mode of broadcasting is different from area to area

* Interpretation on the basis of the result of model verification by our company’s deep learning, etc.

Thanks to Dynamic Panel technology, by combining it with a variety of data, it becomes possible to measure smart TV viewing log in a large-scale and sophisticated manner.

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This is a DMP which integrates online data and real data, including the location information and service usage information of Docomo, questionnaire response data, consumer purchase data held by INTAGE, media exposure data including TV and newspapers, and third-party data provided by our partners

Consideration when dealing with user data

  • 1.
    Estimation matching of Media Gauge data and di-PiNK data is outsourced to DOCOMO InsightMarketing, INC. (hereafter “DIM”) by INTAGE Inc. and the processing & aggregation is carried out inside DIM.
    As DIM is not a business operator in possession of personal information, Media Gauge Dynamic Panel data will never be linked to personal information.
  • 2.
    The product of Media Gauge Dynamic Panel will be a deidentified statistical report.
    This product will never lead to identification of individuals.

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Exclusion from subjects of matching by Dynamic Panel technology

  • Dynamic Panel technology is a technology to establish linkage between devices (between TV and smartphone, etc.) by way of estimation without specifying individuals
  • Matching operation is carried out by DOCOMO InsightMarketing, INC., a business operator not in possession of personal information, by way of outsourcing.
  • If you want to be excluded (opt out) from subjects of estimation matching between smart TV (Media Gauge TV) and di-PiNK, please follow the link below.

To be excluded from subjects of matching between smart TV viewing log and di-PiNK by way of estimation:

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