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Cross Border Spectrum Support

The number of overseas visitors to Japan is increasing year after year. Their consumption behavior keeps changing at a bewildering pace.
INTAGE provides total support for inbound/outbound marketing PDCA from an understanding of the current inbound market to the implementation of promotions which target visitors to Japan based on a wealth of data services and connection with overseas players.

Characteristics of cross border spectrum support

Collect a wide range of factual data

Taking advantage of our knowhow in handling sales data, we can capture the size of a category market or the sales of a single product for in-store sales of tax-free goods and non-tax-free goods separately as well as sales of major cross-border EC and local EC sites.

Provide comprehensive support from research to PR and effectiveness evaluation

Based on consumer behavior and their background analyzed based on inbound and cross-border EC sales trends, and word-of-mouth data, we prepare content which will have a strong impact on Chinese consumers, implement promotions such as distribution of articles through appropriate media, and evaluate effectiveness by looking at the actual sales.

Conduct surveys using a variety of methods according to the specific purpose

In addition to the usual surveys overseas, we also conduct surveys while they are visiting Japan. We can capture their behavior and level of consciousness using a wide range of methods such as location information data and a diary-style smartphone survey.

Data outline of cross border spectrum support

We provide solutions by combining a wide variety of data services according to the specific task.

Main services to facilitate the PDCA cycle

Tax-free drug store data Data estimating the market size for different products based on separate sets of major drug store chain POS data, one for tax-free products and the other non-tax-free.
You can identify the market size of tax-free and non-tax-free sales.
Cross border EC and China EC data

Actual sales data of Japanese products on the EC sites of Taobao, Tmall, and
You can discover the sales trends on major Chinese EC sites.

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Word-of-mouth data analysis Word-of-mouth data analysis based on information posted on Weibo/WeChat, etc.
Useful not only to review the items and the actual use situations, but also to confirm the responses to an event or to current topics.
It’s possible to discover the level of consciousness that lies behind the consumer behavior.
Posting on Chinese media and SNS In relation to advertisements for your company’s products, we post articles to media where the probability of being copied is high, posting on our WeChat public account, and measuring the effectiveness.
You can post the article to appropriate media.

Service which discovers the level of consciousness and actual situation of the visitors to Japan

We help you consider your measures by clarifying the actual situation using a variety of different methods depending on the task, for example, an consciousness survey of visitors to Japan, a shopping survey taken by going shopping together, and interviews with social buyers.
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