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Marketing Navigation Platform

The iTree Marketing Navigation Platform is a dashboard application aimed at manufacturers of consumer goods that automates the analysis of marketing data and provides support for using data for marketing operations and improving productivity.

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iTree lets you integrate and centralize various different marketing data according to your usage purposes.

iTree allows you to integrate and centralize multiple data points such as various panel surveys and online surveys performed by customers and confirm marketing indicators via the dashboard.


Starting with the release of Tracking Navigator, which is a specialized content for brand audits

We plan to continue developing iTree in a phased manner in the future, and will offer Tracking Navigator as the first round of content to be released as part of this.* Tracking Navigator is an application that is specialized for brand audits, which offers support for checking on the discrepancies between targets and actual results and identifying the causes behind bottlenecks. It comes pre-set and loaded with indicators necessary for brand audits, and performs data tabulation automatically. As a result, it makes it easier to use data to resolve challenges and make decisions about marketing.

* Official release scheduled for April 2019

Features of iTree Tracking Navigator

Comes with a preinstalled lineup of the necessary data and analytical steps, thus achieving fast, simple operation

iTree Tracking Navigator features the various data necessary for brand audits, including panel survey data and online survey data on brand penetration, centralized and preset in a single online application. It is a content that is specialized to brand audits that provides support for everything from checking on the discrepancies with the target values that have been set, to identifying the causes for this by following analytical steps that are based on marketing theory.


Automates approximately 70% of the work involved in brand audits

iTree Tracking Navigator features simple operation that allows you to check on just the data that has been tabulated in advance for each point to be verified that is necessary for the brand audit according to predetermined analytical steps. This allows anyone to quickly grasp the current status of the targeted brand without wasting time or effort. As it has the major verification points already covered, approximately 70% of brand audits can be automated via iTree Tracking Navigator. Since the time freed up by this can be reallocated to tasks such as taking a deep-dive into the analysis, policy planning, and developing products, this in turn serves to improve work productivity.

■ Image of the benefits of using the iTree Tracking Navigator


Image of the iTree Tracking Navigator screen

Check sales volumes and perform factor analysis according to your purchase funnel (post-launch menu for brands)

Dashboard screen

iTree comes preset with targets for major indicators, which allows you to verify the extent to which these have been achieved via the list screen.


Purchase funnel: Indicator selection screen

After checking the achievement status of your targets via the dashboard screen, you can identify factors according to the points to be verified for each step of the purchase funnel.


Charts for each point to be verified

You can check on the current status via the charts for each point of the marketing measures. This allows you to formulate hypotheses by narrowing the focus in a logical manner to the factors producing positive or negative conditions.


Understand users based on their buyer attributes and values (user analysis menu)

Buyer attributes

Clarify the characteristics of the users of the brands you are tracking by performing comparisons with the competition.



Understanding the characteristics of users’ values can be put to use in considering future 4P measures.


Entry category and competitive evaluation

Menus for market overview and competition analysis of entry categories are also available.


Favorite dashboard

You can create your own favorite dashboard, collecting frequently viewed charts.


Function to import your company’s own data

You can also import and view your own sales performance data on the iTree screen.


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