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INTAGE Flyer Index

Information on ad inserts nationwide

・This service ended at the end of March 2022.
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Data that captures what is on the flyers inserted into newspapers sponsored by approximately 27,000 stores nationwide. Can be used to check the status of flyer-based measures.


You can check the implementation status of flyer-based promotions from your own company as well as others. Since you can check the status of flyer-based promotions, event details, and price policies of competing chains, it’s useful for working out competitor related measures.

The date the flyer was posted and the valid period for both the flyer as a whole and for the individual products
Name of both the chain store and the individual store that issued the flyer
What is being sold at what price
The prices of designated products such as food, beverage, miscellaneous goods, etc. quoted on the flyer
Other special sale information (up to a certain amount per customer, limited-time sale, etc.) (optional)

Characteristics of the INTAGE Flyer Index

Collect detailed flyer information

Collect detailed flyer information from approximately 27,000 retail stores and approximately 600 chain stores nationwide and convert it into data.

It’s possible to use it as causal data for the SRI+® (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

It’s possible to use it not only as flyer data, but also as causal data for the SRI+ (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

Easy data search

Anyone can search the data easily using an online document search system

Outline of the INTAGE Flyer Index Survey

Since we input the information on flyers inserted into newspapers as product by product/store by store data, it’s possible to find out what was listed, when, where, and at what price.

Subject business category Supermarket, home center, and drug store
Area Nationwide
Number of stores surveyed Supermarkets: 12,644 stores, drugstores: 9,642 stores, home centers: 5,492 stores; (Number of chains) Supermarkets: 376, drugstore: 122, home centers: 94
(As of April 2015)
Data collection method Input the information on flyers inserted into newspapers as product by product/store by store data
Subject category Designated products of food, beverage, miscellaneous goods, and so on
Survey items Store which issued the flyer, date of special sale, item, and price
Data reported Item by item flyer posting rate, number of flyers per store, number of days issued by the store, average price, minimum price, etc.
Manner of delivery Online document search system, hard copy, etc.
Reporting cycle Monthly or weekly

How to use the INTAGE Flyer Index

Audit the prices quoted on the flyer

Example 1: For manufacturers

Confirm the results of business negotiations with the respective retail businesses carried out by the sales representatives of your company

Example 2: For manufacturers

Compare price/issuing frequency of products from your company with that of your competitors

Example 3: For retail stores

Check the pricing policy of competing stores

See the launch situation of the new/remodeled product

Example: For manufacturers

Measure the effectiveness of flyer-based advertisement of the new product

* It’s possible to carry out a store analysis in conjunction with POS data from the SRI+ and SPI (Nationwide In-store Promotion Survey)

For planning/confirmation of measures with the distributor

Example 1: For manufacturers

Basic data for business negotiations in terms of timing of special sales, prices, and details to be established

Example 2: For retail businesses

Check the special sale posting pattern, for example, daily or monthly, of competing stores

Example 3: For manufacturers and retail businesses

Check the price policies of competing stores

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