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SRI®(Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

Retail store sales data we collect from approximately 4,000 stores nationwide including supermarkets, convenience stores, home centers/discount stores, drug stores, and specialty stores. As this captures the actual sales situation over the counter, you can use it for brand marketing and/or in-store promotions.

Point 1

Since this is sales data by SKU, you can find the volume for each item, i.e. how many of them were sold, when, at what price, and in which business category/store.

Point 2

You can find out how the product competes with others on the shelf in terms of delivery, line-up, and price as well as net sales volume.

Point 3

If you use i-Store DB® which is a separate service, you can find the actual line-up situation and best-selling products for different types of stores by linking the various store attribute data.

Characteristics of SRI (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

Achieving high data accuracy

No. 1 in Japan(*) in terms of design number of retail store samples

  • Thanks to the largest number of retail store design samples in Japan,(*)we generate stable data

    * As of July 2014

  • Market size is estimated through establishing a sophisticated parent population for each product field and detailed sample management for 12 blocks nationwide
  • We cater for needs across a wide range of channels including supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, home centers/discount stores, and specialty stores (pet shops, liquor shops, baby product shops)
  • No. 1 chain-store coverage in Japan

Achieve detailed information

Trade area analysis based on INTAGE’s unique store database (i-Store DB)

By building our own store database (i-Store DB), INTAGE makes it possible to carry out a trade area analysis linked with location information and trade area information.

Achieve a high degree of expandability

INTAGE’s wide variety of databases

It’s possible to carry out performance evaluation and/or market analysis in consideration of what is actually happening in the store

Outline of SRI (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey) survey

Since we are continually collecting daily sales information from approximately 4,000 retail stores nationwide, you can find out what was sold, when, where, and at what price.

Subject business category Supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, home centers/discount stores, and specialty stores (pet shops, liquor shops, baby product shops)
Area Nationwide
Number of stores surveyed 3,994 stores
Data collection method Online collection of POS data
Subject category Food, beverage, alcohol, daily miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, cigarette * Only those products with a barcode issued in one of the subject categories
Survey items Date of sales, volume of sales, amount of sales, etc. at each store, by barcode identification
Data to be reported Extrapolation of sales turnover/sales volume, ratio of sales outlet, market share, sales volume per sales outlet, share for the sales outlet, unit selling price, etc.
Manner of delivery Delivery tool “iCanvas®,” Excel spreadsheet, analysis report, etc.
Reporting cycle Monthly, weekly, daily (optional)

How to use SRI (Nationwide Retail Store Panel Survey)

Monitor the market size and share trend

You can monitor your company’s trend and compare to the market trend

Status of the category you entered and the position of your company

Decomposition analysis

By understanding the structure of the sales situation, you can identify the challenges for you company’s product and consider measures in accordance with those challenges.

Check the launch status of the new product/renewal product

You can evaluate the launch situation of the new product by making a comparison with those of past products.

DN at the time of launch (%)

Share at the time of launch (amount)

Preparation of a proposal document for the distributor

You can make a line-up proposal according to the location, trade area, and scale of the store, as well as appeal, on the basis of specific data, that your products will contribute to sales.

Delivery tool iCanvas

“Use of marketing data anyone can start straight away”

iCanvas is a delivery tool for comprehensively utilizing the panel data (retail store sales data/consumer purchase data). As there is no need for knowledge of the data, complicated settings, or problematic operation, you can easily analyze the data by freely combining readily available visual templates according to various points of view and/or angles.

SRI Hitotsubashi University Consumer Purchase Index/Price Index

A world standard consumer purchase index proposed by INTAGE, Hitotsubashi University, and the New Supermarket Association of Japan through Industry-Academia cooperation. On the basis of “SRI,” large-scale POS data, information is provided related to consumption, sales, new product development, distribution, price, and so on from a macro (Japan as a whole)/semi-macro (business category) point of view which has never existed before.

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