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Marketing PDCA Management

Challenges of Marketing PDCA Management

Challenge 1

Improve the productivity of marketing activities

Challenge 2

Properly run marketing processes for products and services for a continuously good outcome

Challenge 3

Conceive new strategies and concepts that conventional PDCA management processes cannot

Enterprises are saddled with a range of marketing processes, including the whole spectrum of brand management from product development to extracting post-marketing issues and implementing actions to take against them, as well as customer management and employee management.

While enterprises build their customized processes based on their previous experiences, there is a common need to revise their processes to respond to the changes in the social environment and market environment.

INTAGE provides a dashboard that integrates different marketing data according to the objectives of use to support our clients in extracting their marketing issues and their decision making.
Additionally, our consulting service supports clients the whole way from their vision setting to the formulation and implementation of strategies, advancing your marketing process management to what it should be.

We make marketing processes with clients to help them realize their vision

Features of INTAGE’s Marketing PDCA Management

1Assistance by specialized consulting members

Dedicated consulting members specializing in different areas of marketing, including product development, integrated management of brand and customer satisfaction, overseas business expansion, support your innovation based on your envisioned future using a vision-oriented approach instead of the current state.

2Diverse databases and marketing tools

By using INTAGE’s proprietary consumer information, data analytics, and technologies, clients can achieve cost-efficient projects and decision making based on detailed analysis that other companies cannot deliver.

"Marketing PDCA Management"
is supported by a range of solutions

We propose the sort of marketing research that can deal with your company's challenges.

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