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Genometrics® Connect

Next-generation recommendation engine for retailers

By matching the diverse values and attitudes of each customer (customer DNA) with the diverse benefit information provided by products to the customer (product DNA), Genometrics® Connect makes one-to-one marketing a reality.


Distinctive Features of Genometrics® Connect

Based on purchase data, products that match the customer’s values and attitudes are identified.

Products that are similar to a customer in terms of DNA and score waveform are products whose benefits are aligned with that customer. By recommending products that have value to each customer, Genometrics® Connect helps increase the number of items purchased and builds loyalty.


Maximize sales promotion efficacy through the selective usage of words

Arouse interest in the product by automatically extracting words that are attractive to the customer and highlighting those aspects of the product that the customer finds appealing.


Extendable to a wide range of media channels through APIs

APIs can be used to reach out and promote products to customers in a wide range of channels, including owned apps, e-commerce, email newsletters, and customer service robots. We also offer our own application featuring this service.



Linkage with smartphone app

With our WebView for smartphone apps, Genometrics® Connect is readily available for use as “Recommended Products” content.


Usage for digital coupons

Product DNA and purchase history data can be used to distribute coupons to target customers who are likely to purchase the product, thereby maximizing cost-effectiveness.


Service procedure

Conditions of use

This service is only available to Genometrics users.

  • * For companies not using Genometrics, we can also offer a version with limited functionality. For details, please contact us.


Prices vary depending on the method and conditions of service delivery. Please contact us for a quote.


This service is for retailers such as supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, and home centers.

The core service is provided via API. A “Recommendations” WebView is also available for smartphones and can be used in conjunction with existing smartphone apps.

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